The purpose of the Agnes Mahoney and Matthew J. Ashe Memorial Scholarship is to recognize and reward dancers who have dedicated a significant portion of their life to the art of Irish Dance and who have helped other dancers fulfill their passion for Irish Dance as well. Each $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a graduating Trinity senior to recognize their dedication to Irish dancing and to the Trinity Academy of Irish Dance.

Past winners include:


2017 Laura Kelly - Matthew J Ashe Scholarship


2018 Meghan Guardi and Abigail Fredrick - Matthew J Ashe Scholarship


2019 Julia Swicionis - Matthew J Ashe Scholarship


2019 Lydia Fredrick - Agnes Mahoney Scholarship

The Irish Dance Teacher's Association of Mid America is proud of the accomplishments of all dancers not only competitively and artistically, but also academically.  For application and additional criteria information please see here!


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