2021-2022 Season

(Sept-Nov, April-June)

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NOTE: You can register for 2nd night Trimesters 1 and 3. TPT registration (which will occur during Trimester 2) will open at a later date, but for the moment you can hold Wednesday nights in your calendar from Dec-March for TPT season (or Madison - hold Thursday nights). Your schedule will stay the same during TPT other than a possible slight time shift to account for TPT class times.



LEVELS: Donegal - Wicklow

'Second Night' is a true consistent 'Second Night' of class for all dancers in Counties Donegal and up. This new opportunity will not only provide dancers with much-needed repetition to lead to fast-tracked improvements, but also streamline programming for families in an effort to cut down on the “a la carte” nature of different innovative Trinity programming and keep your schedule consistent for the entirety of the year. As in any discipline, repetition and practice is key, and Irish Dancing is no different. 


Second night will bring together everything we work on as Trinity dancers to help us maintain a healthy balance between competition, performance or simply feeling confident in our craft. This class will hone the skills and steps of first night, and expand to incorporate Trinity’s unique balance and provide our dancers with a well-rounded weekly routine.


**Donegal/Galway - These dancers are beginning a very exciting year wherein they will start or continue with the basics of hard shoe dancing.  This is a big step in Irish dance and requires a great deal of time to master. 2nd night will be a HUGE boost for these dancers as they build their foundation for hard shoe dancing.



  • Any Irish dance teacher will tell you repetition is KEY for building muscle memory, gaining confidence in dance steps, and being able to improve technique in a sustainable way

  • More streamlined programming - rather than signing up for multiple “a la carte” seasonal programs, dancers will keep a consistent routine throughout the year (a benefit to the dancer and also the parents!)



  • 2nd night will be a true “2nd night” of dancing every week for dancers in County Donegal and up, with curriculum that shifts seasonally.

  • Segmented into three trimesters, the first and third trimesters (September - November and April - June) will have a major emphasis on CORE, and the balanced Trinity Method will be present through performance and teams skills being integrated into the curriculum. In December, instead of ADDING a third TPT class for the St. Patrick’s Day season, 2nd night will shift to TPT class. While your class time may shift slightly based on your dancer’s TPT level, the day of class will not change. The goal is to provide as much consistency for your family as possible.



  • Yearly cost: $539 (for Trimesters 1 & 3)

  • Monthly cost: $77/month (billed September - November and April - July)


*From December - March, dancers will be registered in a different class to account for TPT levels.