While all of the boys involved in our MOT program have a ton of fun, for many it can be life-changing.

Society can sometimes send wrongheaded signals to young boys that dancing is something that only girls do. This is a nonsensical social barrier that our MOT Program aims to blow out of the water. Our vision is to not only make boys more comfortable with dance but to significantly empower boys through it so they can experience the joy that dance has to offer.


Irish step dance can be a very masculine art form. The same can be said for African or Ukrainian dance, hoofing and dance shows like STOMP. At Trinity, we have never seen dance as a male or female specific activity.


The MOT mantra “GUYS ONLY” is perhaps the clearest, most unique message of the program. Gathering all of our MOT together regularly does wonders to reinforce their enjoyment of dance. While the program may be taught by both male and female instructors, the all-male classes are key for boys to bond with boys from other Trinity locations.



I’m grateful that my parents re-introduced me to dance at the age of eight, after I had quit a few years earlier. Their perseverance significantly changed my life. Dance taught me empathy, poise, coordination and so much more. It always made me stand out and seemed to impress anyone I came in contact with. I even met the love of my life because of it!


Trinity is committed to ensuring that both boys and girls have a positive dance experience.  It forms healthy habits, leading to them staying in shape and enjoying Irish as well as recreational dance for the rest of their lives.


At the end of the day, what is more refreshing than watching a guy have the confidence to get up and dance?



Mark Howard, Founder

Trinity Academy of Irish Dance

Keeping boys engaged in dance revolves around a class that is playful, athletic, creative and expressive. Boys need a simple and clearly outlined structure, coupled with positive reinforcement and as many new, cool moves as possible.


The impact our MOT program has on competitive solo and team dance is rooted in the focus on dancing like a guy – sharp, quick, and powerful. Fast footwork and strength developed from Irish dance can also help them significantly in other sports. And then there is this…More  happy male Trinity dancers means a bigger reservoir to field teams at the annual Mid America Championships, the qualification round that can lead to a world title run.


As a dance educator, the best part of MOT is watching the confidence of our young men grow.  I  love how the program works well for each dancer, whether they are or are not naturally athletic or gifted. All of our guys try hard and often achieve much more than we thought possible. It can be intoxicating to see their concentration and focus improve so significantly. MOT keeps boys coming back to class and working hard.



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