“There is Power in Kindness”

It is important that we all remember to respect both one another and our studios, an important lesson taught along the Trinity journey


  • Respect the space: Our teachers will do the same, but please remind your child(ren) to use the garbage cans provided for their bandages, hardshoe tape, papers or trash. Regardless if it is a Trinity Studio or a location we rent, children/siblings should not be running around unsupervised. 

  • Respect your teachers: Please respect and trust yourteachers. Each of the Trinity teachers are here because they embody our mission, believe in your child, and are qualified to guide their dance journey. As parents, if you have an issue or suggestion, please remember we are always here to help. Constructive feedback can go a long way, when addressed appropriately. 

  • Respect each other: It is at the heart of Trinity’s mission to elevate our communities. This begins with our own! Please lead with empathy and gratitude for your peers and encourage your child to do the same.

  • The Trinity family: While parents are not allowed in some of our studios due to building manager COVID-19 rules, if you choose, please continue to stay outside your cars after drop off and get to know one another as new or veteran Trinity parents. A lot of things were lost during this pandemic for us all, and at Trinity we want to ensure our family relationships and friendships aren’t one of them! As a new Trinity parent last year (before working here), I personally was so thankful to the teachers and other parents for helping guide me through a lot of questions. 

-Meggie Heilman

Academy Managing Director