2019 Germany Send-Off

Today, we will be sending off our second international Ensemble cast to Germany! A special trip both for Trinity and the festival. Below you will see a translated article posted by the festival expressing their excitement to have the Trinity Irish Dancers performing for the first time. Including in the Germany cast are some of Trinity's seniors embarking on their last International trip, we hate to see them go but love that their Trinity experience comes to a close after a 2-week trip where they are able to share their talents, grace, and poise with the world.

Along with the rest of the Ensemble program dancers, these 24 dancers have been preparing for this incredible opportunity for over half a year . For 2 weeks, they will be representing Trinity and the United States as they dance alongside cultural dance groups from all over the world at Eurowoche Festival.

Please enjoy the translated article below which was shared by the Eurowoche festival and follow along with the Trinity Ensemble Blog. Best of luck to our Ensemble dancers as they return to Germany and follow along on the blog.

Dancing connects people while crossing borders - European Youth Week will welcome a group from the USA for the first time

From July 27th until August 3rd the European Youth Week will take place

on castle Ludwigstein in Witzenhausen. The 61st Euroweek offers a

premiere. For the first time since the founding of the festival "The

Trinity Irish Dancers" from the United States of America will join the

other participating groups from Belgium, Croatia, France and Germany.

"For a while we were looking for a dance group from Ireland but it is

difficult with the Brexit-situation and the uncertainty in the United

Kingdom at the moment. Another reason we did not find a group is that

dance companies in Ireland do not receive state funding", says Michael

Göbel, president of the Arbeitskreis Europäische Jugendwoche. That is

the reason the organization committee was very happy, when the dance

ensemble from the US contacted them and asked whether it was possible to

participate in the Eurowoche. "The Irish Trinity Dancers" were founded

in 1982 in Chicago, Illinois from Irish and German immigrants. Today it

is a dance school teaching Arts and Irish Dancing. A few members of the

Arbeitskreis have seen the group in Dublin in 2017 where they repeatedly

earned the World Championship in Irish Folk Dance. "I hope that the

group will share their dances with the other participating groups in the

course of the festival" says Göbel. He is sure that the visitors in

Witzenhausen, Fürstenhagen and on Burg Ludwigstein will enjoy the

performances of this extraordinary dance group. The other participating

groups of the 61st European Youth Week are "KUD salona" from Croatia,

"Gelmel" from Belgium as well as "Quadrille Occitan" from France which

has been to the festival many times before. Germany will be represented

by "Die Ludwigsteiner" in cooperation with "Hessische Volkstanzfreunde".

The European Youth Week started as a small gathering of dancers and

musicians and has grown to a festival with 200 participants every year.

The young people from Europe and beyond dance, sing and celebrate

together throughout the week and spend an unforgettable week on castle

Ludwigstein. At the end of the week the participants will have connected

during workshops, the Olympic games and other activities while slowly

becoming international friends.

Kelly Baxter

Olivia Bouchard

Sadie Bunting

Rylie Collins

Julia DeMotte

Zoe Dybowski

Allison Furman

Haley Gross

Nina Johnson

Megan Kohut

Grace Lough

Ava McCartney

Morgan Moericke

Margaret Nalley

Dailey Newcomb

Sydney Niewiedzial

Molly Owens

Izzy Peters

Julia Swicionis

Makayla Quinn

Cailyn Trant

Ashleigh Walesa

Maggie Zale

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