2019 Oireachtas Mental Prep - Audible Affirmations

We are only a few days away from the Autumn Feis: one of your last opportunities to practice being on stage before the 2019 Oireachtas in FOUR WEEKS (can you believe it?!) So now is more important than ever to be working on your MENTAL training just as much as your PHYSICAL training.

In your weekly classes, you have learned to be self-aware, and how to learn from the constructive criticism you receive from your teachers. It is so important to know how to improve on your dancing, but it also so important to know what is STRONGEST about your dancing!

As you prepare for your time to shine on stage, think about the 3 best things you can do in your dancing, and say them OUT LOUD to yourself at least once a day. Say those things to yourself before you practice, when you wake up, when you go to bed, or even looking at yourself in the mirror! The more you AFFIRM your strengths, the more confident you will feel in yourself when it is time to show off those moments on stage in your dancing!!