Baby Bell

-Trinity families celebrate their teacher as she prepares for her maternity leave.

Kelly was an Irish dancer in her youth and chose to pass her talent and passion onto our dancers. She has shown faith, tough love and encouragement to students and parents alike.

When we danced at her wedding two years ago, I thought her dancers couldn’t show her any more appreciation than they did there.

The dancers, drillers & parents really came together when it was time to bid farewell for Kelly’s maternity leave earlier this week. We celebrated with a homemade poster, yummy treats, beautiful diaper cake and lots of goodies off Baby Bell’s registry.

We’ve shared many tears over the last week – some sad, most happy – but know our dancers will be in good and capable hands.

We love you, Ms. Kelly, and wish you all the best as you and Art welcome the newest member of the Trinity and Bell families! Good luck, and we can’t wait for your return in April!

Written by: Lisa Ciarrachi