Camp Lake 2019

Last weekend 27 Trinity teams gathered at Wonderland Camp in Camp Lake, WI to train, bond, and be together as one Team Trinity.

A tradition that dates back 3 decades, the annual team weekend retreat is a highlight of the team training season. Teams participate in practices, games, crafts, a service project and (of course) a giant dance party.

This year’s theme was “Groovy Camp Lake” and team members showed off their hippest and grooviest moves while celebrating.

We are one month out from the Mid America Oireachtas where these teams will compete for titles but will return with so much more in the form of memories and friendships. Being away from our regular studio routine and all other obligations allows the teams at Camp Lake to focus in on honing details of their dances and coming together as teammates and friends.

We are so grateful to the volunteer committee who continues to make this tradition so special and to the Team Moms and Dads who keep it running smoothly.