Check out what happened at the 2019 Worlds!

Congratulations to the 19 dancers from Trinity who traveled to Greensboro, NC with coaches Deirdre Vrbancic, Michelle McNamara and Laura Donaldson, to compete in the World Championships of Irish Dancing!

Dancers qualify for the World Championships through National or Regional (Oireachtas) competitions. A very small percentage of dancers worldwide make it to this level of competition, so to simply qualify is a dream for most! This eight day event changes location each year, with this year being the third time it has ever been held in the US.

We are so proud of these dancers who had a dream and turned that dream into a reality!

So, how did team Trinity do?!

Six of our dancers made it through all FIVE rounds and into the final round!!!!

Ryan Chrapla - 13th in the World!!!

Bobby Hoock - 15th in the World!!!

Ryan Peter - 15th in the World!!!

Kelsey Parry - 19th in the World!!!

Gabby Panther - 19th in the World!!!

Gracie Peters - 37th in the World!!!

Two of our dancers made it through the Preliminary ‘Heat’ Rounds into the Finals!!!!

Luci Stocco

Sierra McNall

The following dancers left it all on the dance floor and made huge strides in their training this year! We loved watching you perform and you left us beaming with pride! Some of these dancers were only a few spots away from making the recall. Congrats to all of you on great performances!

Julia Watychowicz

Nieve Howard

Caleb Fredrick

Kylie O’Brien

Avery Boeldt

Maddie Sliwinski

Haley Gross

Zach Ortlieb

Zachary Fitzgerald

Reilly Sedlacek

Kendall Woodcock

If you see one of these dancers in the hall, at a show, or just in passing give them a hug and a congrats! They deserve it!

Check out what a few of our dancers had to say about their Worlds experience.

"Worlds this year was absolutely amazing! I can’t believe the Trinity family! Everyone there was so supportive! When I was 10, I recalled at my first Worlds and placed 28th. It was a wonderful feeling being on that stage alone in front of all those people for my set dance! I haven’t recalled since, but I wanted to feel that same way again. I worked super hard and focused in class. Putting in the practice time at home and not just in class makes a huge difference. My goal was to recall and my dream came true this year! Working your hardest and always giving 100% helps you to be able to reach your goals!”

- Gracie Peters (Milwaukee)

"Getting back into the studio after breaking 3 bones in my foot was one of the hardest things I have had to do.  However, my love of dance and my Trinity friends and teachers gave me the courage and determination I needed to focus on my training and work harder than ever before.  I am proud of my recall placement at Worlds and look forward to checking more goals off my list."

- Luci Stocco (Elmhurst)

Congratulations to all the dancers, teachers, parents, and the TBC for all of your support throughout the year. We are pumped for the Nationals in Vancouver!