Great job dancing through the polar vortex! We love seeing the passion of our dancers practice, even when classes are canceled for an entire week! These dancers filled out their Winter Practice Chart:

Ashley Peters (Muskego)

Ava Mazur (Western Springs)

Bridget Gunville (Lakeview)

Charlotte Smith (Elmhurst)

Corinne Gunville (Western Springs)

Delaney Carlson (Grafton)

Ella Dorsey (Grafton)

Ella McPeak (Elmhurst)

Elyse Johnson (Waunakee)

Gabby Esser (Waunakee)

Hannah Arnoldt (Elmhurst)

Isabel Atwood (Lakeview)

Julia Watychowicz (IL Accel Plus)

Katie Scanlan (Milwaukee)

Lauren O'Sullivan (IAHC)

Lucy Arnoldt (Elmhurst)

Lucy Caruso (WI Accel)

Madison Scanlan (Milwaukee)

Megan O'Shaughnessy (Elmhurst)

Michaela Wolter (Grafton)

Timmy Godley (IL Accel)

Will Godley (IL Accel)

Keep on doing what you're doing!