Dance Shoes and Where to Find Them

There are many options for you to pursue as you look to replace too-small or worn out shoes! 

If your dancer is growing quickly, you may want to save a buck and look for a pair of used shoes. Because kids are growing all the time, many Trinity families are selling gently used soft and hard shoes.

This is where your Used Shoe Bin Coordinator comes in. The Shoe Bins are full of clean, used shoes with minimal wear and tear being sold by other Trinity families. Your Bin Coordinator is a parent volunteer who can help you find a fitting pair of shoes, or help you sell a too-small pair of shoes! 

You can find your nearest Used Shoe Bin Coordinator here.

While most used shoes are sold via the shoe bins, you can also check the Trinity Dance Family Marketplace on Facebook to see if there are any listings. 

If your dancer isn't growing out of their shoes every time you turn around, you may want to consider breaking in a pair of new shoes. While there are many places to purchase Irish dance shoes, we recommend purchasing them through Touch of Ireland

You can always find an up-to-date list of shoe bin coordinators, along with all other costume information, on the Costumes page of the Trinity Parent Page.