Ensemble Portugal Cast Send-Off 2019

Photo by C.Hoy Photography

In just 6 short days, we will be sending off our first international Ensemble cast to Portugal on Wednesday, July 17th! These 21 dancers have spent over half of a year dedicated to practicing and preparing for this incredible opportunity. Throughout that time, the cast has prepared a repertoire of 18 dances that will be performed for diverse audiences. For 2 weeks, they will be representing Trinity and the United States as they dance alongside cultural dance groups from all over the world at The Festival Internacional de Folclore Rio. This festival brings together around 75 performing groups representing 40 countries! We are honored to share our passion and gift of Irish dance with the world.

The Ensemble program, unlike any other among Irish dance schools across the country, prides itself on training dancers as mature performing artists and providing opportunities such as this to grow, inspire and execute Trinity’s mission to the fullest. Through the character building and educational element to the Ensemble experience, these dancers become leaders for the next generation. We could not be more proud of these dancers and look forward to watching them grow as performers.

Photo by C.Hoy Photography

Portugal Cast 2019

Luc Alvarez

Brigid Anderson

Erin Briggs

Delaney Cairns

Megan Clennan

Gillian Culhane

Olivia Fergus-Brummer

Macnessa Fidlin

Grace Geraghty

Paloma Gomez Bushofsky

Reilly Leahy

Michaela Morrell

Kate Nelson

Zach Ortlieb

Ryan Peter

Gracie Peters

Kate Pratt

Maria Quinn

Delaney Schoshinski

Bridget Tobin

Molly Tobin

*Julia Dorf - Instructor

*Margaret Bewick - Instructor

We wish you the best of luck and safe travels!!