Fun with Rebecca Bell!

What a delight it was having Rebecca Bell in our studios last week for Master Classes! Rebecca is a teacher at the famed Mattierin School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada along with her Mom, Dad and sister. For being a small school of less than 60 students, Mattierin has achieved remarkable success in North American and International competitions and we were thrilled to have Rebecca share some of their teaching techniques. Not only did the Trinity dancers in attendance get a great workout and learn more about their skills, but we are using all the information from Rebecca, along with tips from Sylvan and Shakira Kelly, to reshape and re-imagine the curriculum at Trinity in the coming year! So all of our dancers will benefit from Rebecca’s knowledge and expertise.

If your dancer attended a Rebecca Bell Master Class, ask them about their “Happy Feet”, their “Penguin Legs” and their “Pizza Box Arms”...see if they can show you what that means! If you weren’t able to make it this time around, be sure to keep your ears and eyes open for all the new tricks and skills we will be learning this year!