Good luck Worlds dancers!

We are so proud of all the hard work that these dancers have put in over the past months as they have been preparing for the World Championships. The World Championships of Irish Dance is the most prestigious competition an Irish dancer can attend and dates back to 1970. It is comprised of dancers at the very top of their competition, bringing together dancers from all over the world. 

This year the Worlds will be held in Greensboro, North Carolina. The competition will take place over eight days starting on April 14th and ending on April 21st. Nineteen of Trinity’s dancers will be boarding flights and climbing into cars to make their way to Greensboro, North Carolina to compete. They have spent countless hours preparing for this event and we

are so excited for them to represent Trinity and showcase their love of Irish Dance and their

dedication to it. If you happen to see one of these dancers over the next few days wish them good luck! 

Congratulations to Bobby Hoock, Kelsey Parry, Kendall Woodcock, Sierra McNall, Ryan Chrapla, Zachary Fitzgerald, Haley Gross, Gracie Peters, Zach Ortlieb, Ryan Peter, Reilly Sedlacek, Avery Boeldt, Kylie O’Brien, Maddie Sliwinski, Caleb Fredrick, Luci Stucco, Nieve Howard, Gabby Panther and Julia Watychowicz! You’ve already made us all so proud…now go show the World what you’re made of!

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