Illinois families, join us for the Big Jig on June 1st!

Reimagined and better than ever!

New for Spring/Summer 2019! We are bringing back our Illinois performance but with a fresh new spin! Rather than a theater performance, we want to bring the family fun back to our own home and put on a great big Irish show ourselves! Back in the early days of the Trinity Irish Dance Company, when we were traveling to tiny towns and dancing in small, often outdoor venues, the band leader at the time, Jim Dewan, would kick off each show with the line:

“We got a big Irish show for you!”

It was an apt description, as the concept for the newly-formed performing arts company was often a lot clearer than the execution! But even when we were flying by the tips of our shoes, it was always big and it was always fun. We are returning to our roots this summer by bringing the fun while showcasing all the work our dancers have done this year, both in their weekly solo classes and in their TPT training! We are building a performing force to be reckoned with...let’s get together and see them perform!

Held in our own backyard, we will be constructing the show from the ground up. Dancers from River to Ensemble will showcase larger, more developed versions of their TPT dances along with special appearances by our Ensemble Festival Casts, our Trinity teachers, a LIVE BAND...and, of course, it wouldn’t be Trinity if there weren’t some special surprises along the way! You won’t want to miss this chance to participate in the beginning of a new Trinity tradition.

Instead of selling tickets to the performances (yes--there are 2! One for our IAHC/Lakeview Families, which will rehearse at the IAHC and one for our suburban families that will rehearse at our Elmhurst Studios), we will be collecting an allocation fee from each participating family to defray the cost of infrastructure (building the stage, hiring the band, etc.). That will serve as your unlimited admission to the event! Bring all the grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, cousins, neighbors, friends you want! Watch the show and have a blast at the Beer Tent and all the other family-friendly booths and activities we have planned. What a great way to showcase the magic of Trinity to all your family and friends without having to ask them to buy expensive tickets or travel far on a weeknight!

Are you getting as excited as we are?! Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for….

The Big Jig 2019!

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