Location Spotlight

Our home studios in Elmhurst are full of life on Sundays! The county teachers here are Ms. Megan Dawson and Ms. Bailey Fitzmaurice.

Ms. Megan, who teaches counties Cork through Sligo, began dancing when she was 6 years old at Trinity’s Western Springs location.  Her experiences with Irish dancing brought her to many places in the world, but she learned mostly about herself. She learned that effective communication with others can be achieved through a language of love, laughter, and dance.  She hopes to pass that along to her students each week. When she is not teaching Irish dancing, she is an English teacher at Lyons Township High School in Western Springs.

Ms Bailey, who teaches River, Kilkenny through Wicklow, and our Ensemble Performance & Conditioning class, has been with Trinity since she was 5 years old. Outside of Trinity she works as a Merchandise Coordinator for a leading fashion licensing company. “Trinity has always been such an important part of my life, and the Trinity family has always meant the world to me. I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for the experiences I recieved, and the people I have met through Trinity.”

We have an amazing set of drillers at this location: Molly Tobin, Allison Furman, Zach Ortleib, and Megan Kohut. All of these wonderful role models are a part of the Ensemble program, and will be going overseas this summer on International Festival trips. They are also accomplished solo and team dancers, offering well-rounded help to all of our Elmhurst Sunday students!  From our drillers, dancers learn about diligence and friendship. They are an invaluable part of our team.

We are so fortunate to have classes in Trinity’s home studio because we also get to see some of the older dancers prepare for overseas competitions and company dancers prepare for international stages.  We love to keep a growth mindset and remember all of the possibilities ahead of us in our dancing careers.