Location Spotlight

Welcome to our Madison/Waunakee location!  Mark Howard opened our Madison area location about 20 years ago after a long time Trinity family, the Checovich’s came to him, on board to help build it.  Over the years it has grown from one class a week, to a Trinity hub that holds two location classes a week, a branch of the Accelerated Program, and all the supplemental program that our other locations have.  The Madison families are full of spirit and it is amazing to watch the location grow year after year. Up until last year, our dancers used to practice in many different spaces throughout the Madison area, but now have their own official home in Waunakee, just outside of Madison!  It’s a beautiful space, loved and maintained by all of the families.

Our Madison teaching staff is comprised of a strong group of young women!  The Tuesday Core program and TPT program are taught by Danielle Boarini. Danielle has been teaching with Trinity since she was a teenager. She loves helping dancers in the classroom to be their best selves.  She has had the privilege to lead Ensemble overseas for the past 4 years and has watched dancers become ambassadors for Trinity and the United States. Her favorite part about teaching for Trinity is watching older dancers become mentors to younger dancers.  The Sunday Core and Accelerated program is taught by Shannon Kehoe. Shannon has been dancing since she was 5 years old and has had the opportunity to compete at 9 world championships, perform on the Martha Stewart Show, The Today Show, Conan, and tour with Ensemble and the Trinity Irish Dance Company.

Sierra McNall handles the TPT program as well as the performance & conditioning classes.  She’s been dancing with Trinity for 13 years. She has made incredible friends through Trinity and is excited to give back all of the amazing experience to young individuals who love Irish Dance. Sierra is also a proud member of the Trinity Irish Dance Company!   Skills and Drills as well as Team Trinity is run by Brittney Deboer. She’s been dancing for 15 years with Trinity and has traveled the world through Irish Dance.

We also have a great group of dedicated drillers who assist the teachers and inspire the students.  Reagan Trost and Sarah Ann are the Tuesday Core drillers. This is Reagan's first year being a driller and so far her favorite thing about drilling is getting to work with all the kids and see the smiles on their faces every week.  Sarah Ann started Irish dancing when she was 7 years old. Sarah recently qualified for OC and she is excited to dance in the North-American Championship this July!  Olivia Schwarm is the Sunday Core driller and she is also a head show captain this year. Trinity has not only taught her the incredible art form of Irish dance, but dedication, perseverance, confidence and that anything that you put your mind to you can achieve. Performing is one of her favorite parts of Irish dance because she loves being able to share what she loves with others and seeing the joy it brings to the audience.

Maggie Underwood is the driller for Skills and Drills. She has been dancing for 10 years. She assists Brittney in teaching a class based on perfecting dancers skills and drilling them to create a habit. She is excited for many more years at Trinity.

Thank you to all of our Madison dancers and families for continuing to build your location and spirit through the performance, outreach and overall enthusiasm in the community!