New "Black-Out" Rule for ages U14 & Older!

CLRG has announced the effective start date of the following rule:

An effective date of 1 st February 2020 has been applied to the following motion passed at the CLRG AGM 2019: Change 4.4.1 Costume length: Length of costumes must adhere to principles of modesty and enable dancers to safely execute their movements and steps. Adjudicators who determine a costume to be too short or to lack modesty may ask a competitor to change into black tights (of a denier not less than 70 percent) in order for the dancer to continue in the competition. When wearing body suits with skirts (commonly known as black-out attire) black tights (of a denier not less than 70) must be worn from the age of 14 and above.

This means that all dancers U14 and older wearing "black-out" attire (for any reason), must wear black tights. The tights we use for our teams are the correct denier and would be appropriate. Remember, it takes 2 pairs to make the tights opaque enough! These tights hold up well and can be washed, but it is always a good idea to have back up in case something happens. Make sure to practice in the tights before you have to wear them on stage, as they will make your dancing shoes fit differently. You may need to wear "no-show" black liner socks with your hard shoes in order to achieve the correct fit. Also, adjust your tape and laces accordingly (no white tape or white laces!). Black spankies should always be worn on top of the tights (and leotard, if applicable) to make sure you are adequately covered.

Link to tights we recommend:



If you have any questions regarding this rule, you can contact Michaela at