Passport Stamping

It’s Passport stamping time!!! Our first round of stamps are freshly inked into all County dancers’ passports, which is so exciting! Our veteran dancers got to see just how far they’ve come with every mark of “ACHIEVED”, and our newer dancers got more familiar with the road ahead as they look to their future. We are so proud of the progress of each and every dancer at Trinity, and we are in love with the return to our iconic Passport Program.

If you are a Cork dancer who is still waiting for your first stamp...don’t worry! You are doing all the things a new dancer should be and you are getting ready to head out into your show season as a confident member of your team’s Triangle Jig! For dancers with one or more stamps in their passport, you are now officially in the County right after your last stamp! Read up on all things you are focusing on in class and peek at the Gaelic words we will be incorporating into the second half of our year. Whether you have moved to a new county or are working hard to perfect the skills from your current one, we know you are working hard to earn your next stamp at the end of the year!

As always, if you have any questions about your child’s county placement, your teacher is the best person to ask! Any further concerns or general questions about the program can be directed to County Program Manager, Michaela Donohue at

Remember, with this innovative and unique approach, Trinity really is about the journey. Enjoy each moment!