Sylvan & Shakira Kelly Summer Workshop 2019

Join us for our 3rd annual Sylvan & Shakira Kelly summer workshop! The 2019 workshop will look similar to past years, as we continue to grow our relationship to our overseas consultant (coming all the way from Ireland!) with her own dance school and growing family. Sylvan was Trinity’s choreographer for nearly a decade, and was an instrumental element in Trinity’s competitive success in solo dancing over that time. We have been delighted by the progress our dancers have made under the direction of Sylvan & Shakira in the past 2 years and can’t wait to get back to work!


Register to attend in Illinois, Wisconsin, or BOTH!

Illinois: August 5 & 6

Wisconsin: August 7 & 8

Click Here for Registration and Schedule Details

Why should your dancer register?

  • River: Our River dancers will be increasing their knowledge of Irish dance fundamentals and learning some new fun exercises to improve their foot positioning, timing and posture!

  • Cork/Derry: Our Cork/Derry stars will be learning new exercises to improve their basic skills, as well as working on new steps in the light jig, reel and single jig in each class!

  • Donegal/Galway: Register for Donegal/Galway to begin your hard shoe journey or increase your fundamental hard shoe skills! Our Donegal/Galway dancers will be working on Light Jigs, Reels, Single Jigs, Slip Jigs, Treble Jigs & Hornpipes! With a list of dances that long, it is so important to get this head start as we move towards 2019-2020. Donegal/Galway is a big step forward in your Irish dance journey, begin with the best!

  • Kerry/Kilkenny: Register for Kerry/Kilkenny to learn about the transition from fast to slow music from 2 of the very best! The jump from fast hard shoe to slow is a huge one, you’ll need this boost to get you going! The Kerry/Kilkenny classes will cover Reels, Slip Jigs, Treble Jigs and Hornpipes while building a foundation for growth through drills and fitness exercises.

  • Limerick/Sligo/Waterford/Wexford/Wicklow: You are nearing the top of your game as an Irish dancer, keep the progress going by working with our experts to improve your skills! Reels, Slip Jigs, Treble Jigs and Hornpipes will all be covered, as well as warm-ups, stretches and drills designed for your high level of material and competition. Our Wicklow dancers will get a jump-start on their 2 rounds while acting as leaders for our up and coming stars. We can’t wait to see what’s next for these counties, don’t miss out!

  • Men of Trinity: A special session just for the boys! Boys reel skills will be covered at each level, as well as any changes needed to hard shoe steps to make them shine for our boys on stage! Meet boys from other classes, counties and states as we push each other to improve and grow. Don’t miss this chance, MoT!