The 2019 Oireachtas Wrap Up

We hope those of you on Facebook have enjoyed the daily posts covering all the highlights from this year's Oireachtas. It was a spectacular year, and we are so proud of everyone. We are especially proud of how the message of "Be Kind. Be Committed. Be Courageous. BE TRINITY" was carried on by dancers, teachers, parents, and beyond. It seemed to reign true in everyone's actions and emotions throughout the weekend.

It was not only the perfect end to a beautiful journey for over 200 of our dancers that have dedicated months to teams and solo practicing. But it also was a perfect kickoff for the excitement to come with TPT.

In class this week, teachers and dancers took the time to celebrate with some pizza, to remind ourselves of the successes as Trinity and to encourage these dancers to be PROUD of what they've accomplished.

Here are some of the highlights from the weekend.

Congratulations to our incredible team of U10, U11, U12, and U13 dancers who took part in their solo competitions last weekend at the MidAmerica Oireachtas! We can’t say enough about their focus and determination while training, and their courage and tenacity on competition day! Such energetic dancing and positive mindsets. We are so proud!!! ❤️

The U8's love for Irish dance is contagious...and watching them realize that all their friends were in the top two teams in the U8 Ceili Competition at the Oireachtas was unforgettable!!! We are all still jumping for joy for these little ones! ❤️ Congratulations to all four of our U8 Teams. Learning what it takes to work well with a team at such a young age is such an accomplishment! 🌟

The support the U14 dancers show one another is unmatched, making us one very proud Team Trinity!! ❤️ Congratulations to all of you on your months of hard work and dedication to this art form. All of you left it all on the stage!

We want to celebrate all of our dancers who competed in the Traditional Set competitions at the 2019 Oireachtas!!! 🍀 We are very proud of you for working hard and giving it your all on stage! ❤️ Congrats to every one of you!!!

How about our young Men Of Trinity!?! Such hard workers, energetic dancers, and good kids! The future is bright ☀️

It doesn’t get much cuter then U9 girls 😍 So proud of these little ones. Many of them attended their first Oireachtas this weekend and blew us away! They are friends, and they are teammates, they are beautiful dancers, they are Trinity. ❤️

Over 200 of our hardworking, courageous dancers took the stage on Trinity teams. TWO HUNDRED!!!

To our incredible teachers, especially Team Manager, Anne Blume, and her team of teachers and assistant teachers Michelle McNamara, Michaela Donohue, Tory Felker, Kelly Bell, MacKenzie Holland, Marissa Wurster, and Alexa Peter: your dedication to making sure these teams are ready to take the stage is awe-inspiring. Thank you for going above and beyond.

To our team parents: how would we do it without you?! Thank you for taking care of every last detail to create a seamless training season for our dancers and teachers!

And of course MAX & KYRA! We cannot get over these two! Congratulations to our U10 girls and boys solo champions, Max Strangberg and Kyra Himawan!!!

Not just incredible dancers, but two of the kindest children out there! ❤️

Thank you to everyone who made this year such a success. We are already looking forward to next, and we hope all of you continue to Be Kind, Be Committed, Be Courageous ... BE TRINITY!!


The Trinity Academy and TBC Staff!