TPT Season Off to a Great Start!

All of our TPT locations are working hard on new material and getting ready for the greatest TPT season yet! With only six weeks until Community Outreach Day and two months until St. Patrick’s Day, our dancers are looking forward to showing off their performance skills in schools, assisted living centers, libraries, restaurants, and more!

This year, our TPT curriculum focuses on the history and legacy of Trinity as a dance school, and highlights some the great successes we’ve achieved in Irish dance as a performing art. This starts with the leaders of our performances - Ensemble. Our oldest and most experienced performers will dance three classic Ensemble pieces with updated steps and choreography as they inspire our youngest dancers and share the leadership and confidence they’ve gained as Trinity dancers.

New numbers include Carson, a tribute to Trinity’s iconic performances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Carson, performed by our Advanced level TPT dancers, features movements and rhythm from the original piece performed on the show, Johnny.

The Intermediate level is preparing to present the Treble Reel, honoring Trinity’s legendary concept of dancing hard shoe to reel music to create an upbeat, entertaining show number. Irish dancers all over the world now perform treble reels in shows - but it started right here at Trinity! This TPT level will also perform the Nashville Reel, which takes inspiration from the airy jumps and kicks that our dance school showed the nation on “Nashville Now” in 1991.

The Young Movers level will, of course, amp up the crowd with an exciting rendition of Tell Me Ma, but will also celebrate the importance and strong presence of teamwork at Trinity through their 4-hand dance, Galway Gold. Galway Gold is named for the first time Trinity won gold at the World Championships dancing the legendary choreography, The Dawn, in Galway, Ireland. This could not have been achieved without working together as a group, the same way our Young Movers do to make their dance come alive.

Of course, we can’t forget our newest dancers! Our Cork/Derry and River levels will take the stage this season, may for the first time, dancing the Triangle Jig and Dreamers, as they remind us what it’s like to dream of becoming a “big kid”, just as generations and generations of dancers have before them.

We look forward to an incredible season of performances!