Trinity and Covid-19

Dear Trinity Families,

We have made the decision to cancel all of our performances for tomorrow. As we continue this conversation, we will continue to update you. However, at this time, we want to safeguard the health of our dancers and our communities. 

While fielding many emails and calls regarding performances, we are simultaneously working on a way to spread our Trinity spirit, because it’s times like these that we are needed to step up and elevate the world. That's been Mark Howard’s mission since day one, and we will not lose sight of that. We will have more information on this for you in the next 24 hours!

We are moving to a system of updating Trello when shows are canceled so you will see it very clearly marked. For those of you not in TPT, as of now the only parade still on is the Palatine, IL parade. While they have not yet cancelled, we are making the decision that Trinity will not be participating in the Palatine, IL parade. Milwaukee, Madison, and both Chicago parades have all been canceled by their organizers.

Lastly, for those of you who are not on Facebook, I wanted to share a message from our team:

As more and more events cancel, we want to take a minute to remind everyone that while this couldn’t have happened at a worse time for an Irish dance school, this is all way bigger than us. We are all disappointed and can only imagine the confusion this brings to dancers who just want to get out there and perform. That’s what makes Trinity such a special place...your children are incredibly disappointed because all they want to do is make people happy, live out Trinity’s mission and dance. We are in the thick of it now and will be delivering more and more news as each hour goes by, but please keep things positive here. We know your dancers will be sad but we have to move forward and shine Trinity’s bright light on the world. We are working on different ways to do that even if we can’t get out into the communities. Let’s lead by example and ELEVATE during this incredibly challenging time. ❤️

We are grateful for the messages and emails from all of you supporting our decisions. Now let’s get ready to be the most creative dance school ever as we figure out how to wow our audiences whether in person or from afar!

Laura Donaldson Managing Director