Tuesday Tip – Turn Out!

New for 2018-2019, we will be highlighting 5 fundamentals of Irish dance technique in our curriculum this year, in bi-weekly themes. As we continue to learn and perfect new steps and new dances, we will focus our practice on the theme of the 2 weeks in order to improve our overall technique and broaden our knowledge of the art form. You may have already noticed your teacher talking about the theme of our first weeks of class: TURN OUT!

Along with the focus in class on our theme, we will also be highlighting our theme in bi-weekly “Tuesday Tips” that will offer tips and tricks for practicing at home, as well as detailed explanations of what teachers and judges would be looking for at class and at feiseanna. It is our hope to empower dancers to take this information and run with it...work hard at class and work hard at home...take more ownership over your progress and reach for higher goals.

You’ll find these Tuesday Tips videos here the Trinity News section of our newly redesigned website, where you will be able to access the entire archive by clicking the "Tuesday Tip" category. You can also subscribe to the Tuesday Tips playlist HERE. Happy Practicing!!!