Welcome Home Germany Cast!

We are pleased to welcome home the Ensemble cast from Germany this week! These 25 dancers participated in Europäische Jugendwoche (European Youth Week), whose mission is to “purposefully develop peace” by bringing different cultures together in song, dance and friendship.This cast of dancers performed 4 shows, lead workshops, and participated in those hosted by other organizations throughout the week. Here they explored world dance, choir, orchestra, crafts, cooperative games, jazz, metal working, and sports!

These dancers not only represented the United States with grace, but they also represented Trinity and Irish dancing beautifully! We are so proud of them for embracing this experience to the fullest and connecting with groups from Croatia, France, Germany and Belgium! They even reconnected with old friends from the festival in Belgium that the Trinity Ensemble has performed at in the past. Dance makes the world feel smaller! Welcome home to all who journeyed overseas!