What a Wonderful 2019 Oireachtas!

What a year!

Congratulations to all of the kind, committed, and courageous dancers for showing up and giving their best efforts at this year's Oireachtas. You made your Trinity dance family and teachers very proud.

Thank you to the team parents, the Trinity Booster Club, and all of the volunteers. The Oireachtas weekend is impossible without you. You made it all seem easy, even though we know you spent countless hours behind the scenes during the months leading into it.

Thank you to all of the families and dancers back home who cheered your classmates and friends on. The well wishes and support system pushes the dancers farther than you know!

We have so many highlights and favorite moments to share that we don't know where to begin. If you don't follow along on Facebook please stay tuned for next week's update where we will go into more detail about what made this Oireachtas so special. In the mean time, keep smiling! We are so proud and thankful for everyone.

2019 Oireachtas