Winter Weekend 2020 Wrap Up

A big thank you to all of our families who came out to Lake Geneva for this year’s Winter Weekend! It was a weekend full of new friendships, incredible workshop sessions, and an exciting Ceili celebration. In other words, it was a fantastic Trinity weekend, and we hope all of our families had a blast! 

Here are some highlights from this weekend.

Katie Hughes Award

Every year, the Katie Hughes Award is given to a dancer who embodies the Trinity spirit, just like former Trinity dancer Katie Hughes. They’re a team player, incredibly determined, passionate, and, above all, caring towards everyone around them. You can read all about this year’s nominees here.

Our 2020 Katie Hughes Award winner is Ainsely Lohrentz! Congratulations, Ainsely! 

Performer of the Year

The Performer of the Year Award goes to the dancer who engages with their audience, inspires confidence in their teammates to perform, and puts equal emphasis as a competitor, teammate, and performer. The Performer of the Year lives the Trinity mission to elevate their community, and no one does that more than our 2020 Performer of the Year: Kathryn Williams! Congratulations, Kathryn! 

The Agnes Mahoney and Matthew J. Ashe Memorial Scholarship

The purpose of the Agnes Mahoney and Matthew J. Ashe Memorial Scholarship is to recognize and reward dancers who have dedicated a significant portion of their life to the art of Irish Dance, and who have helped other dancers fulfill their passion for Irish Dance as well. The scholarships are two $1000 non-renewable scholarships awarded to a graduating senior who plans to attend a four year college. 

The winner of the Agnes Mahoney Scholarship is Caitlyn Trant, and the winner of the Matthew J. Ashe Scholarship is Molly Owens! Congratulations, Caitlyn and Molly!  

Mark Howard 40th Anniversary

Our founder, Mark Howard, celebrated his 40th year of teaching Irish Dance this year. He was presented with a special cake, which was delicious despite a little mishap (or so we were told)!


Thank you to all of the Trinity teachers who ran exciting sessions for our dancers to work on their performance skills, learn dynamic drumming rhythms, and improve their strength and flexibility! Our dancers were lucky enough to work with special guests Jeremy Noah from Muntu Dance Theatre and Margaret Mullen where they learned African dance and engaged in a cultural exchange of ethnic movement and received helpful adjudication for their competition skills! So proud of these dancers for working hard and trying new things!

Ceili Fun

This year’s Winter Weekend theme was Ohana (family), and nowhere was that more obvious than the Ceili! With over 700 attendees, the dance floor was packed all night. Plus, dancers who attended the African Dance session with Jeremy Noah from the Muntu Dance Theatre got the chance to show off their new moves! 

Wrap Up Video

Be sure to check out our wrap up video, full of our favorite moments from the weekend. What were some of your favorites?

A special thank you to all of our volunteers for making this weekend possible.

We look forward to seeing you all at next year’s Winter Weekend!