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Performance Announcement

As we embark on Trinity’s 40th anniversary, we’re excited to announce Ensemble will be headed back to Schoten, Belgium for the 62nd Edition of the Hello! Schoten festival this July as our international festival! Additionally, we are excited to share several additional Ensemble performance opportunities that have been secured in Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison for this spring.

Dance Chicago - February 12th

TIDC Pre Show Milwaukee - March 26th

TIDC Pre Show Madison - April 21st

Irish Fest in the Barn - May 29th


About Trinity Ensemble

Ensemble is Trinity Academy’s teen performing arts troupe. From leading the Academy performances to performing around the world at international festivals, these dancers act as ambassadors of joy bringing Trinity’s mission to “elevate children, the community and the world through the power and grace of Irish dance” alive.The essence of the Ensemble program was born in the early 90’s when Trinity founder Mark Howard took a group of his senior Trinity Academy dancers and the band The Drovers to a CIOFF festival in Schoten, Belgium.  Right out of the gate, Howard’s unique style of choreography combined with the skills of the dancers led to invitations to festivals around the world.  These early journeys helped shape what would ultimately become Howard’s professional Trinity Irish Dance Company, and laid a strong foundation for the ever evolving Ensemble program.

Save the Date for the 2021/2022 Ensemble Auditions on Sunday, December 5th, 2021 at Trinity's Elm Grove Studios!


  1. Dancers must be born in 2008 (U14 as of January 1, 2022) or older AND be enrolled in the Waterford/Wexford/Wicklow class OR Performance & Conditioning OR the Province Program.

  2. Dancers must be enrolled in TPT Ensemble for the upcoming performance season.


IF YOU ARE A NEW ENSEMBLE DANCER, you need to register for the Ensemble Audition and optional audition prep class. If your dancer decides to commit to the full year of Ensemble, you will then need to register for the 21/22 Ensemble Program Training (Casted Rehearsals and Ensemble Repertoire Class). Registration for the 21/22 Ensemble Program Training will be open until the end of December, giving your dancer time to decide if this program is for them. However, feel free to register sooner rather than later if your dancer is loving Ensemble! New this year, we will be holding two auditions - one for returning Ensemble dancers and one for new Ensemble dancers. Please click on the link below for all information including Ensemble eligibility, date and location of the auditions.

IF YOU ARE A RETURNING ENSEMBLE DANCER, you need to register for the 21/22 Ensemble Program Training (one fee that covers the Casted Rehearsals and Ensemble Repertoire Classes) and the Ensemble Audition. If you would like to participate in the Audition Prep Classes, you will need to register for that separately. Click below for more information and links to register.

Ensemble Divisions

Following this year’s Ensemble audition, all dancers will be cast into three different divisions. These divisions are based on a number of different factors and allow us to ensure that all dancers are getting the training they need to be successful in this program. A dancer’s division placement comes with certain requirements/ responsibilities and also determines what level of Ensemble performance each dancer is eligible for. However, by special invitation (based on the variety of factors outlined below) you may be invited to perform with different divisions in various opportunities.