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About Trinity Ensemble

The Ensemble program is a place for Trinity’s most seasoned and passionate performers to dive deeper into the performing arts, experience unique performance opportunities throughout the year, and act as leaders and role models for Trinity’s younger dancers. 


The essence of the Ensemble program was born in the early 90’s when Mark Howard took a group of his senior Trinity Academy dancers and the band The Drovers to a CIOFF festival in Schoten, Belgium. Right out of the gate, Howard’s unique style of choreography combined with the skills of the dancers led to invitations to festivals around the world. These early journeys helped shape what would ultimately become Howard’s professional Trinity Irish Dance Company, and laid a strong foundation for the ever evolving Ensemble program.


This program is the pinnacle of a Trinity dancer’s performance journey -- providing a place to develop as a performing artist along with immersive dance education and cultural exchange opportunities, all while offering extensive leadership and character building experiences. It is a masterpiece in progress.


The experiences that come from the Ensemble program make up some of the greatest Trinity memories. It is through Ensemble relationships, the growth in rehearsals, mentorship opportunities and performances here in the US and overseas that dancers grow into young adults. The Ensemble program is built to not just develop performing artists, but unique individuals and leaders. Trinity Ensemble dancers are more than just stunning performers, they are well-rounded individuals who act as ambassadors for Irish culture, dance and the ethos and legacy of this organization.


1. Dancers must be born in 2008

 (U14 as of January 1, 2024) or older AND be enrolled in the Waterford/Wexford/Wicklow class OR Performance & Conditioning OR the Province Program.

2. Dancers must be enrolled and participate in TPT as a Trinity Gold dancer for the upcoming performance season.

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23/24 Ensemble Program Auditions: 

Date: Saturday, January 13th
Location: TBA 
Time: TBA

Audition Material


For more information on Ensemble Audition Requirements, click here.


IF YOU ARE A RETURNING ENSEMBLE DANCER, you need to register for the 23/24 Ensemble Program Training and the Ensemble Audition. If you would like to participate in the Audition Prep Classes, you will need to register for that separately. Families with more than one dancer in the program will be offered a 50% discount on the second dancer's tuition for Ensemble.

IF YOU ARE A NEW ENSEMBLE DANCER, you need to register for the Ensemble Audition and optional audition prep class. If your dancer decides to commit to the full year of Ensemble, you will then need to register for the 23/24 Ensemble Program Training.

For more specific instructions, click here.

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