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Dancers within Trinity’s Province program, may be tapped to represent Trinity (through qualification or teacher’s discretion) at an international level of competition.  Your teacher will communicate directly with you if at some point this might be an appropriate opportunity for your dancer. 

Pastoral Scene

All Irelands

The All Ireland Championship is Irelands “National Championship”.   Similar to the North American Nationals, this competition is open to dancers from around the world.  We will sometimes choose to send a small group of dancers to this competition.  While not as prestigious as the World Championships, the caliber of dancing is very close!



The World Championships of Irish Dance is the most prestigious competition an Irish dancer can attend and dates back to 1970.  It is comprised of dancers at the very top of their competition, bringing together dancers from all over the world.  Dancers are eligible to qualify through their regional or national championships beginning at 10 years of age.

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