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Trinity Irish Dance Company

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What is the Trinity Irish Dance Company?

Founded in 1990, the Trinity Irish Dance Company (TIDC) is a one of a kind, critically acclaimed, professional, non-profit performing arts company that opened up the artistic pathways leading directly to commercial shows like Riverdance. Composed of more than twenty performing artists (currently including 5 Trinity Academy alumni and 3 Trinity Academy  instructors) from across North America, Ireland, and Mexico; TIDC uniquely pushes the boundaries of a traditional form while sending a clear message of female empowerment. 

Trinity Founder Mark Howard has dedicated half of his professional life to TIDC. After blazing an unprecedented twenty year competitive trail with his Trinity Academy school, he set out to make a global difference for the art form and dancers through work that pushes boundaries while keeping a through - line of integrity. Howard's groundbreaking dances have been critically acclaimed throughout the world and are often seen by critics as the tipping points for what's next in Irish Dance.

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