TEAM TRINITY (Open to all levels Beginner II (Donegal) and above!)


Trinity is proud of our unmatched legacy in team dancing excellence. Keeping the traditions of ceili and figure dancing alive is one of our most treasured motivations and we are excited to offer team dancing class in every location! If your dancer has expressed interest in being part of a team, or simply learning team skills to better round out their repertoire, this class is for them! If your dancer has already participated on teams, or is currently training on teams but would like to improve their team skills, this class is for them! Fundamental team dancing skills will be covered, as well as basic ceili dances, including 4-hands, and an introduction to figure choreography work. Dancers in this class who wish to compete in Feis Figures at local feiseanna will be able to form teams with their classmates and perform together! We have built the Second Night schedule to accommodate dancers who wish to attend their Second Night solo class as well as TEAM TRINITY class, making it more efficient and effective for families. The Trinity philosophy relies on a balanced approach to solo dancing, performance dancing and team dancing...this is your chance to join the team!


For Spring 2019, dancers registered for TEAM TRINITY will be eligible to compete in a feis figure team at the Wisconsin Spring Feis and/or Celtic Spirit Feis on May 4-5, 2019 if they so choose.  All dancers in the class will be learning a new version of the 4-Hand Reel for the first 5 classes regardless of whether or not they choose to compete.



The 2019 MidAmerica Oireachtas will be held Nov 29-Dec 1, 2019 in Louisville, KY at the Kentucky International Convention Center.


Who is eligible to try out for a 2019 Trinity Oireachtas Team?

In order to make the tryout a positive experience for all those who attend, the teachers have developed guidelines for dancers wishing to participate. This is not meant to limit potential but to ensure that those who attempt have the best chance possible to succeed. In the same way that elite sports teams become harder to make as athletes get older, so do regional championship level Irish dance teams. Remember, ALL dancers, County Derry and above, will be eligible for Team Trinity: Feis Figures in the Fall Session.


PERFORMANCE AND CONDITIONING CLASS - U13 and older are automatically eligible to tryout if you were on a 2018 Oireachtas team. If not, check in with your primary teacher to see if the tryout is a good idea for you this year.

ACCELERATED SERIES – All ages and levels are required to tryout for Team Trinity.

COUNTY – (The below age groups are as of January 1st, 2019).

RIVER: Dancers at this age and level would naturally not yet possess the skills necessary for this level of team dancing. Please look forward to this opportunity in the future!

CORK/DERRY: Dancers at this level are still very new to the skill set necessary for this level of team dancing, however there may be a handful of students that teachers feel are able at this time. You have to be invited by your primary teacher in order to tryout.

DONEGAL/GALWAY:  Any dancer U12 and younger is eligible to tryout.

KILKENNY-WICKLOW: Any dancer U12 and younger is eligible to tryout.  U13 and older are eligible to tryout if you were on a 2018 Oireachtas team, OR if after checking in with your primary teacher, you both agree the tryout is a good idea for you this year.


NEW THIS YEAR all Wisconsin and Illinois dancers will tryout at the same location, on Saturday, May 11th.  Tryouts will be held at Oak Grove School in Libertyville, IL. Dancers attend according to their team age group.   Oak Grove School: 1700 O'Plaine Rd, Libertyville, IL 60048


*More specific details regarding the tryout process and the Oireachtas will be emailed out to all families after St. Patrick’s Day season.


Saturday, May 11th - Oak Grove School  / All Illinois & Wisconsin

U15 9-11:30am

O15 10-11:30am

U10 11:30-1:30pm

U12 1-3pm

U8 3-4pm


Sunday, May 18th - Oak Grove School / All Illinois & Wisconsin

U8 10-11am

U10 11-12:30pm

U12 12:30-2pm

U15 2-3:30pm

O15 3-4pm


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