Passport Program 

The Trinity Passport Program was originally created in 2003 to help our dancers and families see that each dancers Irish dance journey is unique and beautiful.  The passport consists of two programs: The main program is a figurative journey through the Rivers and Counties of Ireland, with your own official Trinity passport.  As a County Cork dancer, for example, you’re immersed in an authentic Irish dance experience.  From your first costume, to classic drills and additional opportunities such as Winter Weekend and St. Patrick’s Day performances, you can step out of the classroom and enhance your dancing experience.  Upon mastering the necessary skills, your progress is officially awarded with a stamp in your passport and you’re off to the next county!


Learning about Irish culture is an important part of this journey as well.  Our dancers learn about the Counties of Ireland as they travel through them, learn to speak Gaelic, and discovery Irish history and tradition that are so important to the artform.  


For the students tapped to represent Trinity on a reginal, national or international level, your figurative journey will be through the Provinces of Ireland.  With its official Trinity passport (coming in Fall of 2019) it is a journey of another sort, with more intensive training commitments, leading to qualification for select competitions. 


The Trinity Passport Program is our way of demonstrating to you that each step of Irish dance is special, and you should enjoy every minute…and more importantly, self-achievement is a journey not a destination.  The journey is the Trinity Passport Program and the self-achievement is endless!


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