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This class was developed for dancers that no longer want to compete but have a passion for performing. This once-a-week class will be held year-round to provide the technique training and conditioning needed to keep dancers in shape as well as keeping performance material polished for year-round appearances. 


Dancers enrolled in this class are still required to participate in the seasonal TPT and/or Ensemble programs offered in order to perform. This class meets the weekly training class requirement to be eligible for Trinity Irish Dance Ensemble, TPT & Trinity’s Team Program. 


Dancers must be U13 or older by January 2021 AND have successfully completed County Limerick, OR were previously dancing in Trinity’s Province Program. This class will not train dancers for competition. If dancers would like to compete locally at Feiseanna, they can additionally attend the Province or County class that fits them best per teacher discretion.


Yearly cost: $814

Monthly cost: Tuition cost of $74 / month will be applied to your account starting in September and will be charged the first week of every month through July 2022. While this number may look a few dollars higher, it is not. We took the same cost per class and rather than billing throughout the entire year, we decreased the billing cycle to 11 months vs 12. This will provide round numbers and clarity on statements or questions.


Yearly registration fee info will be sent in August


Please see below for instructions on how to register for the 21/22 Performance & Conditioning class. If you have any questions about registration, please email


How to Register: 

  1. Log into the Class Registration Portal.

  2. Go the “Classes” button and click on “Find Classes.”

  3. Turn on the switch for “Show me classes at all locations.”

  4. Open the teal button to filter classes:

  5. In Category:

    1. Program: County Classes 

    2. Level: Performance and Conditioning 

    3. Location: Elmhurst, Elm Grove or Madison (pick your preferred location)

  6. Pick your appropriate class and enroll.

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